Today, organisations and business entities are increasingly investing in SEO marketing. For instance, a cost calculator for SEO marketing on the Search Engine Journal noted that on average, for a local campaign, the rates are approximately $500, with the national and international campaigns costing an average $2,500 to $5,000. All these costs are per month. This is a further affirmation of the market projections that holding the other factors in 2020, such as the Covid-19 pandemic effects, organisations are expected to spend a whopping $ 79 Billion on SEO. With these statistics in mind, the questions that business owners should ask are why are entities spending this highly on SEO? What can my business gain by equally investing in SEO?

One of the benefits of SEO is that it is a long-term marketing strategy. While as it at times have immediate short-term gains, the strategy used often takes time for Search engines to crawl, index and rank the SEO contents. However, once this is accomplished, platforms and websites acquire a high ranking. This is a market brand positioning that takes long for competitors to match the positioning. Thus, one strategic gain in SEO marketing is creating a sustainable competitiveness in the market. Today's corporations are facing the risk and challenges of market emulation such as cogging of the social media with alternative brands, the irritating nature of pop up advertisements and windows, through to replication and duplication of marketing messages on mass media platforms. One strategic tool and approach to mitigate these marketing strategies is to focus on SEO development. Once such content is developed, it serves as not only an informative tool for the customers, but also as a long-term market positioning tool. Through SEO content, a brand is able to paint its won image. This is often referred to as ‘blowing its own trumpet. This is a basis that enables a brand to control the narrative and the perception by its customers, through supplying the market with enough information on itself.