There is no contesting the value and significance of SEO marketing. With estimations running into $7 Billion spending on SEOs in 2020, the value and significance that corporations globally are attracting to SEO marketing is undisputable. However, the tactical operationalisation of this strategy has remained a challenge. Global strategists and business planes are yet to conclusively agree on whether the organisations need to outsource their SEO writing or develop the SEO contents internally.

This article develops an argument in favour of outsourcing SEO writing services.

1.     Outsourcing enables the organisations acquire professional SEO witting and content management services. There are many emerging professional and expert SEO writing and content management service providers globally.

2.     Outsourcing enables the organisations lower their SEO management costs. With a third-party expert, there is minimal need to re-train and recruit SEO marketing staff on a permanent basis, thus lowing the recurrent expenses.

3.     Outsourcing allows for the creation of professional SEOs. These are SEOs that are not only generic and aimed at creating traffic. Instead, they are enriched with important meta data instruments, key words, and contents that have value to the customers and genuinely promote the entities online visibility.

4.     There is expertise use of Key words to optimise the search engine crawling and indexing of the SEO contents easily, thus promoting opportunities for a higher-ranking opportunity