Do you want to pass all your CIPD exams and assessments? Do you want to access CIPD revision and assessment materials? do you need customized CIPD training and tutoring services?  If your answer to all or any of the above questions is a yes, then join the CIPD training and tutoring program. We offer you a customized tutoring program with detailed and expansive support on your assessment. We also use predictive analysis, based on the CIPD exams and syllabus to help you prepare for the CIPD exams and assessments. As such, we offer tutoring, guidance and support on all the CIPD assignment levels. This will help you concentrate on your professional duties and obligations as you pursue this very important professional course. We offer support in the following sections and levels of the CIPD professional course:

  • Level 3 Award, Certificate and Diploma in Learning and Development
  • Level 5 Diploma in Applied Human Resources
  • CIPD Level 7: Advanced Level

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